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Conservation Through Carbonation

Spring Water Company Puts Conservation First

In a society where business interest and environmental efforts seem to clash, Montane Sparkling Water is proving that the two can thrive in harmony. Established by Atlanta’s very own Hollis Callaway, the company sources its water sustainably, right here in Georgia, from the Blue Springs of the Longleaf Pine Forests. Tapped from the springs’ quartzite bedrock, we can count on Montane Sparkling Water to be as pure as it gets.

When discussing the company’s mission with Hollis, he was quick to note that the consumer plays a vital role in the brand’s conservation efforts. “Voting with your wallet” is a crucial step toward sustainability, and by purchasing a can of Montane Sparkling Water, you are supporting the greater mission of the brand. Where profit and environmental concern intersect, Callaway prioritizes an environmentally-conscious business, but he also states that it is “very challenging to balance environmental and financial sustainability.” That being said, he points out that the support from the community is “both surprising and humbling.”

By partnering with the State Forestry Commission, Montane Sparkling Water is committed to the Blue Spring’s protection. The partnership has placed this area into a conservation easement to protect the home of its 29 threatened species within this precious ecosystem. This mission of conservation is validated by both the Geology Report and Water Quality Report available on the company’s website. It is this transparency combined with the conservation efforts of Hollis and his company that makes us hopeful for future meetings of conservation and consumerism.

Here at WildArk, we are sipping on the Grapefruit Peach flavor, bringing a little summer to the November air. As we enjoy the crisp, locally sourced beverage, we are reminded that every sip is a small step closer to protecting our ecosystems.