A Mission to Support the Protection
of Species and Ecosystems


WildArk.org’s mission is to promote and support activities that educate, enable, provide resources or inspire humanity to sustainably conserve, protect or restore the environment and the world’s ecosystems, natural resources, wildlife and wild places.



We aim to produce and share educational materials on scientific research and other topics that help to improve knowledge and understanding of the positive benefits of ecosystem protection and the importance of human connectivity with nature.


Our research focuses on working on specific problems, threats, solutions and innovative approaches to environmental, natural resource, wildlife protection and conservation with an emphasis on actionable solutions.


We help break down the silos between science, philanthropy, government and business worlds by finding and connecting individuals and organisations engaged in conservation work throughout the world.


We support and promote mission-aligned organisations through; shared knowledge, funding initiatives, media promotion and partnerships.


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In the Media

The Wildlife Soldiers Fighting Back On Africa’s Conservation Battleground In The War Against Mass Extinction – Huffington Post

04 October 2017

We’re entering the sixth-wave of mass-extinction. We stand to lose up to 75 percent of the world’s species, some report as soon as mid-century. This is because of human activity like waste and pollution, climate change, habitat destruction and wildlife poaching…READ MORE

The Wild Life – Summersite

23 August 2017

It recently occurred to me that there is a growing number of people on the planet who have never even seen the stars. People who have spent their entire lives in cities clouded with light and air pollution, where sidewalk trees have all been carefully handpicked based on maintenance costs and the only wildlife that flourishes are the sewer rats that we sneeringly label as ‘pests’…READ MORE

WildArk: The life-long passion turned global mission – A Conscious Collection

23 August 2017

Ambition that never falters, passion that drives us daily and ultimately, leaving our mark on this earth with resounding achievements of good is an idea many of us only ever entertain. But, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson – along with their remarkable team at WildArk – are two humans transforming the idea of doing good into a reality. And in turn, are inspiring others to do the same….READ MORE

Mick Fanning and Tyler Wright Join Forces for WildArk – Rip Curl

23 August 2017

It was a journey taken to help support and learn more about up-and-coming conservation organisation WildArk – all done from the vast expanse of the stunning Pridelands Conservancy, just outside the town of Hoedspruit, South Africa….READ MORE

Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright Explore Wilds with WildArk – World Surf League

16 July 2017

Between a few days of solid surf at the Corona Open J-Bay, Australian World Champs Mick Fanning and Tyler Wright took some time away from the water to focus on having fun with some new, furry friends….READ MORE

WildArk: The life-long passion turned global mission – Canberra Times

19 May 2017

I can hear the deep, throaty baying of the bloodhounds clearly from my hiding place 500 metres away. The sound makes my skin prickle with fear. I’ve done everything I can to disguise my trail, from burying it under animal scat to peeing on it, from doubling back and criss-crossing the plain to fording a stream. But the howling is approaching so rapidly that I begin to panic…..READ MORE

The Last 21 km Of Fenceline Between David Pocock And His Wildest Dreams – Huffington Post

26 March 2017

Last time we spoke to David Pocock, he was just about to take his six month sabbatical from top level rugby and hook up with conservation group WildArk. Well that’s all happening right now…..READ MORE

Wallaby star Pocock swaps rugby for the African bush – News24

13 February 2017

Wallabies star David Pocock kicked off his six-month sabbatical in South Africa last week, spending time with newly established conservation organisation WildArk on their first wildlife conservancy, Pridelands, in Limpopo. Watch…READ MORE

David Pocock Will Spend His Sabbatical Saving The World – Huffington Post

29 October 2016

If you’re a regular reader of The Huffington Post Australia, then we guarantee David Pocock is your sort of person. Not into rugby or sport at all? You’ll like him all the more…READ MORE

Surfing legend ditches surfboard for Alaskan wilderness in stunning video – Mashable

21 October 2016

Three-time world surfing champion and occasional shark puncher, Australian legend Mick Fanning has swapped his board for a beanie for his latest project as an ambassador for conservation agency Wild Ark…READ MORE

Mick Fanning The Conservationist: First Look At His Expedition To Alaska’s Bristol Bay – Huffington Post

21 October 2016

Mick Fanning has spent most of his life outdoors, such is the luck of a world champion surfer. So it comes as no real surprise that he’s passionate about preserving the world around us and the environment that has given him so much…READ MORE