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All For Conservation – How Community Focussed Conservation is Saving Rhino...

17 September 2020   |

Borana Conservancy in Northern Kenya has become a world leader in successful, sustainable conservation practices where communities and landowners work together to protect and benefit from ecosystems and wildlife. The Lewa-Borana landscape is the largest contiguous rhino conservancy in East Africa, and has reported zero poaching incidents over the last six years. With strong partnerships and a highly engaged community, Borana’s success comes from protecting habitat by supporting people.


#KoalaComeback Plants 4685 Trees to Expand Koala Corridor

13 September 2020

WildArk together, with our partners David Yarrow and Global Wildlife Conservation, has planted 4685 koala feed (eucalypt) and rainforest trees in a fire-impacted area of NSW, Australia, as part of the #KoalaComeback campaign.


Saving Africa’s Pangolins – Interview with Professor Ray Jansen

20 August 2020

The African Pangolin Working Group is a multidimensional organisation at the forefront of protecting the four African pangolin species. APWG conducts a multitude of efforts, including retrieving pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade, pangolin rehabilitation, research, and education. Professor Ray Jansen is the chairman of the organisation and a member of the ICUN Species Survival Commission Pangolin Specialist Group. He is highly educated on a diverse range of research interests, holds a Ph.D. in Zoology, and is on a mission to conserve Africa’s Pangolins. READ MORE

#KoalaComeback Launches Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund

11 July 2020

The #KoalaComeBack Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund, a partnership between WildArk , Global Wildlife Conservation  and Aussie Ark, aims to support the protection and recovery of Australia’s endangered species to prevent extinction in the aftermath of the 2019-2020 catastrophic bushfires. READ MORE

Interview with Kate Robb of the Marine Mammal Foundation

19 June 2020   |

Australian zoologist and geneticist Dr. Kate Robb has been researching dolphins across southern Australian oceans for 16 years. READ MORE

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