Inspirational stories from wild places and the people fighting to protect them!


Interview with Pete Walsh of Hobart Rivulet Platypus Community Organisation

19 January 2021   |

The Hobart Rivulet Platypus community organization is dedicated to the conservation and protection of platypuses living in the Hobart Rivulet. It aims to minimise threats to platypuses living in this urban environment, including waterway pollution and habitat destruction. It also seeks to develop a high level of community awareness and engagement through numerous citizen science and creative arts projects. The organization was founded in 2020 by Pete Walsh, a passionate wildlife photographer.


Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund Awards 10 Grants to Bushfire Recover...

15 December 2020

In July 2020, WildArk, together with our partners Aussie Ark and Global Wildlife Conservation, launched the Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund as part of the KoalaComeback Campaign to support the conservation management of species most affected by the bushfires. READ MORE

Spotlight on Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

02 December 2020   |

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is a dedicated wildlife ONLY veterinary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. It aims to improve the quality of treatment, survival rate and success rate of rehabilitation of small to medium sized indigenous South-African wildlife including bats, owls, raptors, mongoose, pangolin, meerkat, serval, genet, hedgehogs, bush babies, garden birds, water birds, otters and much more.


Tasmanian Devils Return to Mainland Australia for First Time in 3,000 Years

02 October 2020

For the first time in 3,000 years, the Tasmanian devil is back in the wild on mainland Australia, a historic moment that is critical to rewild Australia, the country with the world’s worst mammal extinction rate. Aussie Ark, in partnership with Global Wildlife Conservation and WildArk, recently released 11 Tasmanian devils into a 400-hectare (nearly 1,000 acres) wildlife sanctuary on Barrington Tops. READ MORE

All For Conservation – How Community Focussed Conservation is Saving Rhino...

17 September 2020   |

Borana Conservancy in Northern Kenya has become a world leader in successful, sustainable conservation practices where communities and landowners work together to protect and benefit from ecosystems and wildlife. The Lewa-Borana landscape is the largest contiguous rhino conservancy in East Africa, and has reported zero poaching incidents over the last six years. With strong partnerships and a highly engaged community, Borana’s success comes from protecting habitat by supporting people.


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