#KoalaComeback Launches Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund

Supporting the conservation management of species most heavily affected by Australia’s bushfires.

The #KoalaComeBack Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund, a partnership between WildArk , Global Wildlife Conservation  and Aussie Ark, aims to support the protection and recovery of Australia’s endangered species to prevent extinction in the aftermath of the 2019-2020 catastrophic bushfires.

The Fund will support organisations carrying out projects that quantify the impact of the bushfires on Australia’s endangered species, as well as identify the urgent needs that exist for wildlife living in fire-affected areas. Species of concern include birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians listed below, which are found on the Australian Government list of priority species requiring urgent management intervention.

Grants of up to AUS$16,000 are available for those working on the frontlines of the recovery process, including conducting species population surveys, protecting unburnt habitat or implementing other key interventions identified by species experts.

The objective of the Fund is to collate data that will inform the ongoing recovery efforts of these critical species and the ecosystems in which they live. Projects must show tangible, measurable outcomes within 12 months, and we ask that grantees consider contributing their research to Australia’s Threatened Species Index.

To identify if your project qualifies for this funding opportunity, please fill out the Project Eligibility Questionnaire HERE .

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