A Big Thanks From All Of Us At WildArk

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us in 2018!

We especially need to mention our ambassadors and partners, who have gone above and beyond to help WildArk in our endeavours to secure space for the Wild.

Whilst the natural world is in an ever worsening position, there is hope, solutions and MILLIONS of people and organisations out there doing what they can. Over the course of 2018 we met many such people and groups who have inspired us and shown us new, innovative ideas to improve conservation efforts globally.

Our focus remains on land projects and early in 2019 we will announce our WildArk 100 research that has given us 100 keystone species in 50 scientifically mapped areas that maximises biodiversity coverage which concentrates our efforts and tightens our strategy.

We’ll also be launching some new initiatives, based around Ocean protection, reducing consumption and involving brands who are making huge strides in minimising their impact on the environment.

From all the team at WildArk, thanks again! We’re a small, dedicated team who can only have any impact with support from all corners. Our aim is to collaborate with other organisations, promote amazing initiatives and do our small part for the Wild.