Camera Trapping Part 2

See what our wildlife has been up to on Pridelands recently

Resident ecologist Megan Loftie-Eaton shares the best moments from our recent camera traps on Pridelands.

We had some fantastic records this time around, including a leopard mid hunt. The camera trap just happened to be in the right place and the right time! How lucky is that? In the photo, it looks like the leopard might have been chasing a grey duiker.

We also captured lots of photos of spotted hyena, which is always nice to see.

The highlight for me is definitely the photo that we got of an aardvark! They are quite elusive animals so it’s great to have a confirmed record of this insectivore (feeding on ants and termites) on Pridelands. Aardvarks are burrowing, nocturnal mammals and the only only living species of the Order Tubulidentata.

Another exciting find was our photo record of a large spotted genet, another interesting nocturnal mammal. This little carnivore has a varied diet that includes mainly invertebrates and small rodents, but also reptiles, frogs, birds and wild fruits.

Enjoy the gallery!

(L-R) Spotted Hyena and Aardvark on night patrol.

(L-R) The usual suspects Zebra and warthog.

(L-R) Young male and female Nyala.

(L-R) Warthog family on the move and large spotted genet searching for dinner.

Leopard on the hunt!