The Wildness of this place will take your breath away.

A forest of Bloodwood trees cradles the leafy campsite, cocooning this little eco-system from the gales that blow in what seems to be another world, at the very tops of the trees. Lace monitor lizards crunch the leafy ground cover on their morning walk, Kookaburra’s wrestle earthworms out of the ground and possums, gliders and bats stir in the night.

We picked fresh mussels off the rocks and slept on boulders in the sun…

It made us feel like we were kids again. The tidal inlet is stocked with the largest mussels we had ever seen, oysters that clung to almost every rock and an aquarium of marine life that just begged us to dive in.

For us this trip was about getting back into the wild and re-connecting with nature.

Heading up the river one misty morning we were overcome with the peacefulness and the stillness of the forrest. The only sounds we could hear were the wind through the trees, raindrops falling ever so gently on the water and the occasional call of a sea-eagle soaring overhead.

And, after a long day, the Pelicans would be waiting for us, on the shore.

But our favourites to visit…

Were the Australian Fur Seals who came to play. Just like ballerinas they leaped and twirled in and out of the water, getting as close as they could to us before torpedoing off in the opposite direction!