Fascinating Facts: Lions

Ten intriguing things about the King of the Beasts you may not have known.

The most majestic of all Africa’s wildlife, the lion plays a significant role biologically, culturally, symbolically and economically, but they could be gone in just three decades. Once roaming in abundance across the globe, scientists say there are only 20,000 lions left in Africa today and are now a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species.

This World Lion Day learn a little more about lions with these ten fascinating facts.

1.Lions are the only social cats in the bush. The operate in a pride, to be more successful hunters as well as to secure the safety of their young.

2. A coalition of several males in partnership rules a territory.

3. The roar of a lion can be heard up to 7km away. 

4. A lions tongue is so rough it can separate meat from a bone by just licking it.

5. The purpose of a lion’s mane is to protect it from a fatal blow during a fight.

6. A pair of lions mate every 20 minutes for four days — each bout lasting around 1 minute. 

7. Lions spend about 20 hours a day resting.

8. Lions can cover 100m in six seconds. 

9. Lions have black tips on their ears and the end of their tails as follow me signs for cubs to identify.

10. Female lions remain with their pride for life.

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