The Importance of Spending Time in Nature

Words & Images by Josh Hedge

How much time do we really spend in the abundant, energy providing and life-enhancing world that is nature?

The natural world is the world we are designed to live in, however, over time we have become immersed in the world human beings have created for ourselves. But which provides us with a more vibrant life?

While it is normal to want to experience all the wonderful things human beings can do, like using the internet and flying on airplanes to another side of the world, should we perhaps spend more time in the world that was here long before us?

A look at indigenous cultures reveals a profound connection to the land, something that has been lost in our modern world. From this deep connection comes an understanding of life and the world around us.

We used to live in harmony with the natural world, allowing it to provide for us. It is our eternal Mother, whenever we are feeling down, nature will heal us. Whenever we are hungry, nature provides us with food. If we are feeling cold, nature provides us with the warmth of a fire to sit around, and if we require entertainment, we can look up at the stars at night, or the diverse array of creatures, plants and animals with whom we walk this Earth.

When we swim in the ocean, we are literally being charged. Ever wondered why you feel so alive and refreshed after a swim in the sea? It is like a giant fountain of youth!

If we feel a little confused, or our mind is running 100 miles an hour, a walk barefoot across the Earth’s surface makes us feel centred. We feel clear when we connect with nature and when we surround ourselves with giant natural landscapes. It puts things in perspective about just how tiny we are in the larger scheme of things. There is never anything to worry about when it is just you and nature.

So if we want to find balance, it is best to go camping a little more, take our partners on more walks, put down our devices for longer periods so that we can be present in the world that provides us with so much wisdom, love, and energy. Try it and check in with yourself afterwards. You will undoubtedly feel more alive and enthusiastic.

If we can incorporate more of nature into our weekly and often daily lives, it will go a long way to reducing stress, worry and anxiety and enhance our overall well-being by providing us with a much more free-flowing, creative and above all happier existence.