Africa Born is a Kenya based company specializing in privately guided luxury safaris to the Indian Ocean and East Africa’s wilds.

Bespoke Adventures

The term ‘Safari’ is a Swahili word for ‘Journey’ and that is exactly what a trip to Africa should be, in all senses of the word. Kenya’s diversity for scenery, wildlife, culture and also the activities available while on safari are second to none! We visit the finest destinations, plan bespoke adventures, with thrilling wildlife encounters, along with intimate cultural exchanges — but at all times with respect for the places we go to and the people we engage with. We specialize in experiential travel. We seek to give our guests as many new and exciting experiences as possible, whilst showing them the importance of conserving the heritage of our natural world for future generations.

Mobile Safaris

Africa Born was set up in 2011 and shortly afterwards Paolo and Sam became partner/shareholders of the Original Ker & Downey safaris. ‘K&D’ as it is affectionately known, is the longest continuously running safari company in Africa. It has a long history of providing Luxury Mobile camping safaris. The ability to set up a luxury camp in any wilderness destination, allows us to put up our camps in the heart of where the action is. This ensures that we do not influence an area in the same way a permanent camp or lodge would.

Planes, Choppers and Automobiles

A typical safari will include combining various destinations within Kenya such as the famous Masai Mara, Northern Kenya, Amboseli, Tsavo and Watamu beach on the Kenyan coast. By air in a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter, by vehicle or foot, there are so many ways to experience Africa’s wilds.

The Lion Guardians

Africa Born has close ties with various conservation groups in each of its core areas of operation. In Amboseli we often team up with a great initiative called the Lion Guardians. Amboseli lies in the heart of Maasailand, where the local Masai have lived side by side with wildlife for centuries. One of the biggest threats to Africa’s wildlife is the human, livestock and wildlife conflict, in which lions play a large role. With Lion Guardians, key members of the Lion prides are fitted with radio collars and members of the community are given telemetry kits enabling them to track the lions on a day to day basis. By collaring individual lions, Lion guardians can easily establish where the prides are. This enables them to warn the herders not to move their livestock into these areas and therefore the lions avoid any conflict with humans. Whilst on safari we spend time with the Guardians and the lions in the area.

The Tsavo Trust

Another conservation group we work closely with is The Tsavo Trust. The Tsavo Trust operates out of Tsavo National park and monitors the last remaining 100lb elephants. A 100lb elephant refers to an Elephant with ivory weighing in excess of 100 pounds on either side. There are approximately less than 30 of these incredible animals left in the wild today and about half of them live in Tsavo. The importance of conserving this gene pool cannot be overstated. We team up with Tsavo Trust to help track these elephant using light aircraft. We then approach them by vehicle or on foot- a totally unique and humbling experience.

Watamu Turtle Watch

On the north coast we team up with Local Ocean Conservation : Watamu Turtle Watch. Watamu is a small town on the Kenyan coast. It’s idyllic 5km Marine Park beach is teaming with marine life. This is the perfect place to finish a safari. Local Ocean Conservation works very closely with communities to promote marine conservation and sustainable fishing practices. Their very successful and unique Sea turtle by-catch program, has implemented in excess of 14,000 turtle releases in the last ten years with the cooperation of local communities. The project also runs the only sea turtle rehabilitation center on the East African seaboard. Visiting the Rehabilitation center or helping release by-catch turtles back into the wild is something all our guests are given a chance to take part in. The whole marine eco-system at Watamu is unique and is part of a UNECSO Biosphere area.

Life-Changing Encounters

These intimate encounters with projects and people who are making a difference to our diverse and wonderful wild world are extremely special. This just part of the story, the adventure, the journey, the Safari; which for many is a life changing experience.

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