Kevin Richardson launches Kevin Richardson Foundation with #LandforLions Campaign

If you haven’t heard of world-renowned lion conservationist Kevin Richardson aka ‘The Lion Whisperer,’ you should have!

Richardson is known for his significant interactions and unbreakable bond with lions as well as for his decades-long fight to protect the King of the African bush from the sordid canned lion hunting industry of South Africa.

Up until recently, Kevin’s sole focus has been his wildlife sanctuary, home to many of Africa’s fiercest carnivores for the sole purpose of species preservation. Through his work here, Kevin has brought tremendous awareness to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, illegal trade, hunting, poaching, and disease. His work has inspired millions.

On his website, Kevin says that in the last 100 years, lions have lost 90% of their former range and that scientists predict that by 2050 there will be no wild lions left in the wild. In light of these alarming statistics, Kevin knows that not only does he need to put an end to canned lion hunting but that wild lion populations need our help. That is why he has launched the Kevin Richardson Foundation.

Richardson describes the foundation as having four principal roles. The first is to Create Awareness and Education about the challenges facing wild lions amoung people living on the fringes of lion habitat. The second is to Preserve and Maintain the Kevin Richardson wildlife sanctuary. The third is to Collaborate with like-minded people scientists, educators, and laymen and bring an end to canned lion hunting in South Africa and the fourth is Habitat Reclamation.

“My greatest fear is who will look after my lions when I am gone?” admits Richardson. In light of this, the Kevin Richardson Foundation’s first project is the #LandforLionscampaign which aims to start at home by buying the land the sanctuary lions reside on. These lions have helped build a worldwide network of advocates for lion.

This is the begninning of what the foundation hopes will be a movement of people who come together to fight to return habitat to these magestic creatures.

Join the movement and ensure a safe home for these lions forever by making a donation here: