Dawn at our camp site in Botswana

What inspired you to create Letaka Safaris?

Brent and I worked for other mobile safari companies on our arrival in Botswana and grew frustrated with the lack of service delivery, as well as the lack of focus on guiding as an essential part of the product. We felt that a mobile tented safari should be sold as an experience above and beyond that of the luxury lodges in Africa and not as a second option for people that could not afford Botswana’s highly priced lodges. For so many people out there, the intimacy with nature and small group sizes make the mobile safari vastly superior, despite the fact it is considerably less expensive. We have always known that the guide makes or breaks the safari experience and spending ten days in the wilderness with the same guide gives the guide the ability to delve so much deeper into the wildlife and ecology. It also gives the guide the opportunity to get to know the guests and their expectations at a much deeper level compared to changing lodges and guides every few days.

Mobile camping site set up in advance to your arrival

Unique wildlife interactions in and around your mobile tent

What makes Letaka unique?

The fact that we own and operate Okavango Guiding School gives our guides unrivaled exposure to training. Our itineraries are more relaxed than other operators, as we do not do two-night stops. We take our time going through the wilderness and give ourselves enough opportunity to get the most out of each area we visit. We are the only safari operator in Botswana running scheduled departures to be able to offer walking on all of our safaris (although walking is seasonal). The investment in time and effort to train guides to become trails guides is huge, but because we believe that the safari experience should entail a substantial element of wilderness and not just wildlife chasing. Experiences away from mechanical noise such as walking and mokoro (dug-out canoes) are essential for a holistic safari.

Wildlife interactions

What can someone expect when they take an adventure with Letaka?

To be blown away by an amazing intimate wilderness experience with an awesome guide. They will have all the comforts they need without the clutter that comes with the luxury lodges.

What is the most important thing that you hope your guests take away from a safari?

A sense of how important our last remaining wilderness areas are to us and how imperative it is to conserve them.

What has been your most exhilarating wildlife encounter?

Tough question to pick one after more than 20 years of guiding here in Botswana! Possibly standing in camp early morning having a pre-drive coffee and having impala come flying through camp literally leaping over the guests and the tables with wild dog so hot on their heels, that as one impala landed behind us it was taken down and devoured no more than 20 metres from us. Within five minutes there was nothing but bones remaining.

Which animal do you most look forward to seeing on your safaris?

Wild dog and leopard always make my day!

Living in wilderness areas

Letaka Safaris is a citizen-owned safari company that has been operating in Botswana since October 2000. The founding directors, known locally as the Letaka brothers, have almost 40 years of combined guiding experience and have been guiding mobile safaris in Botswana since the mid-90’s. WildArk is proud to partner with Letaka to offer mobile safaris in Botswana and beyond.

Our WildArk experiences range from:

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