Mick Fanning & Friends Visit WildArk's Grizzly Plains Conservancy, in Alaska

In August 2018 WildArk Ambassador Mick Fanning along with good mates Corey Wilson and Taylor Steele, traveled with the WildArk team to Bristol Bay Alaska to visit WildArk’s latest conservation project Grizzly Plains Conservancy.

‘Phase 1’ of the project will secure a vital piece of land on the shore of the Kvichak River, one of the most important rivers in the greater Bristol Bay Salmon fishery, which is the largest natural Salmon fishery in the world.

The Grizzly Plains project, led by the people of Igiugig, will be looking at increasing conservation, cultural, education and ecotourism initiatives across their homeland to help preserve the incredible biodiversity of the region.

“Now that I’ve retired, and experienced a whole lot of life, I can see the effects of what we are doing to the earth, and I just feel like we need to think carefully about our impact.”

“I have only visited Alaska on a few occasions, but I have been so attracted by the pure nature and the wildlife of the region. This land and location at Bristol Bay are incredible, the river provides so much for bears, wolves, eagles everything, it’s all here. To have the opportunity to come back and help preserve the land has been an incredible experience.”

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