One Thousands Words - Jackie Badenhorst

South African Wildlife Photographer

Welcome to WildArk’s ‘One Thousand Words’, in which our favourite wildlife photographers answer questions about themselves with a single image. Wildlife photographers spend hours, months and even years in pursuit of that iconic image. The unpredictability of nature means they must master the art of patience as well as have a thorough understanding of their subject matter. Study each image carefully to see the passion behind their craft as well as the uniqueness of each photographer’s perspective.

Jackie Badenhorst is a wildlife photographer from South Africa. Her love of nature, wildlife and adventure stems from her background in guiding. The thrill of never knowing what the day may bring and the challenge of always getting a better shot, drives her passion to get out into the wilds of Africa and abroad as often as she can.

1. Describe yourself?

2.     Where are you from? 

3.     What got you into photography/ film?

4.     Where do you wish you were right now?

5.     What inspires you? 

6.     Favourite subject to photograph?

7.     What makes the best images?

8.     What is your ‘tool’ of choice ?

9.     Current mood?

10.  What does the word wild mean to you?

11.  Moment that’s had the biggest impact on you in the wild ?

Follow Jackie’s work on:
Instagram @jackiebadenhorst
Facebook: @wildafricaphotography