One Thousand Words: Richard Sidey

Nature and Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker

Welcome to WildArk’s ‘One Thousand Words’, in which our favourite nature photographers answer questions about themselves with a single image. Wildlife and nature photographers spend hours, months and even years in pursuit of the perfect shot. The unpredictability of nature means they must master the art of patience as well as have a thorough understanding of their subject matter. Study each image carefully to see the passion behind their craft as well as the uniqueness of each photographer’s perspective.

Filmmaker and nature photographer Richard Sidey specialises in documenting the polar regions, remote wilderness areas and its wildlife. Born and raised in the picturesque alpine town of Wanaka, New Zealand, Sidey acquires his artistic inspiration from his surrounding environment and it is exactly this theme that runs through the majority of his work. Sidey co-founded the New Zealand based production company Galaxiid in 2016 and is most well known for his series Speechless in which he uses raw footage and natural sound to give the viewer a truly immersive experience.

Describe Yourself? 

Where are you from? 

What got you into photography/ film?

Where do you wish you were right now?

What inspires you? 

Favourite subject to photograph?

What makes the best images? 

What is your weapon of choice? 

Current mood?

What does the word wild mean to you? 

The moment that has had the biggest impact on you? 

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