Welcome to WildArk’s ‘1000Words’, in which our favourite wildlife photographers answer questions about themselves with a single image. Wildlife photographers spend hours, months and even years in pursuit of the perfect shot. The unpredictability of nature means they must master the art of patience as well as have a thorough understanding of their subject matter. Study each image carefully to see the passion behind their craft as well as the uniqueness of each photographer’s perspective.

Todd Thimios is a widely travelled freelance underwater photographer and deep-sea submersible pilot originally hailing from Australia. His images from over the years continue to promote the simple beauty and diversity of the world’s oceans and the fascinating marine life that inhabit these waters. Through these images and experiences Todd hopes to raise curiosity and awareness towards the fragile environment that is our oceans.


1. Describe yourself.

2. Where are you from?

3. What got you into photography?

4. Where do you wish you were right now?

5. What inspires you?

6. What is your favourite animal to photograph?

7. What makes the best photograph?

8. What’s your favourite weapon?

9. Describe your current mood?

10. What moment in shooting wildlife has had the biggest impact on you?