Photo: Chasing Waterfalls

The excitement of discovering a waterfall never dries up. Alongside rogue waves, explosive thunderstorms and sparkling rainbows, waterfalls are arguably the most beautiful of jewels in Mother Nature’s crown.

From the thundering sound of the water droplets that hang in the air. The wind generated off the falling water (if you stand close enough) and the start white column formed by air bubbles watching tens of thousands of litres of water fall from the sky is undeniably breathtaking.

To celebrate the beauty of this natural phenomenon, we’ve created a gallery of some of the most picturesque waterfalls from around the world.

Salt Creek Falls, United States. © Nathan Anderson

Iceland. © Paul Morris

Niagara Falls, Canada. © Billy Huynh

Abiqua Falls, United States. © Anthony Intraversato

Chamarel Waterfall, Maurice. © Olivier Graziana

Big Sur, California, USA. © Braxton Stuntz