Video: Nature’s Eyes
Connecting with people who live in the wildest places on earth. 

A trip into the wilds of the Mongolian Steppe and, the heart of the Amazon rainforest to meet two men who live in harmony with nature. Botei is a nomadic falconer who hunts with his eagle on the harsh steppes of Eurasia where temperatures range from -40C in Winter to +45C in Summer, and Kuja is a member of the Achuar community who lives deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon where the climate can reach 100% humidity.

As we continue to lose touch with the natural world, this film introduces us to the way of life for these two men who appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Produced by mobile phone technology company Crosscall, both Botei and Kuja share their world with us on Instagram. You can follow them at @kuja.achuar.people and @botei.eagle.hunter.

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