The Last of the “Big Tuskers”

David Yarrow Travels to Amboseli, Kenya to Capture Images of these Iconic Elephants.

In October 2017, WildArk ambassador David Yarrow had the privilege of spending time with some of the largest elephants in the world. Those in the know believe there are around 18 elephants remaining that can be classified as “Big Tuskers”, that is staggeringly few. The trip was supported by Richard Moller and the Tsavo Trust with every print sold going towards raising money for their cause.

The work that Richard and his team do is pivotal to the protection of Tsavo and it’s elephants. A number of the images from Kenya will be showing for the first time ever at Art Miami starting December 7, 2018.

For those concerned about the disclosure of these elephants location it is not something to worry about. This film was shot 10 weeks ago it’s release was delayed to ensure that the elephants would be in totally new locations. The Big Tuskers are well taken care of in Tsavo and Amboseli. Tsavo is absolutely vast and difficult to access, whilst Tim is under constant surveillance.