WildArk announces US$96,000 to support Conservation Initiatives

WildArk is pleased to announce that through our Ambassador Mick Fanning and the Omaze campaign late last year, $US 96,000 was raised to support our mission.  Our not-for-profit, WildArk.org, will receive a grant to fund the following initiatives:

  • Field ranger training, K-9 anti-poaching and aerial surveillance units at the Southern African Wildlife College at the frontline of anti-poaching in the Kruger National Park
  • Ongoing biodiversity research with our partners Macquarie University in Australia
  • Positive story-telling highlighting individuals and organisations in conservation around the world

We would like to thank Mick Fanning, who lives up to everything it is to be an ambassador for conservation and is an inspiration to many in and out of the water. We would also like to thank the legendary team at Omaze who made this possible and everyone who contributed to the campaign, including the winners who spent an amazing few days with Mick in Hawaii.

Look for more fun competitions supporting conservation and the world’s wild places in 2018!