WildArk Partners with Untamed Planet to Support Next Generation of Conservation Heroes


WildArk is proud to partner with the social-roleplay game Untamed Planet to support real-world conservation efforts


The first campaign raised US$10,000 for Black rhino conservation in Kenya

Global conservation not-for-profit WildArk is proud to announce its partnership with the social- roleplay game Untamed Planet on Roblox, which aims to digitize the wild while supporting real-world conservation efforts.

Over the last 20 years, the world has seen catastrophic declines in wildlife populations and wilderness areas. Research suggests that only 23% of the earth’s surface remains intact. Our wild places are critical to stabilising climate, supporting indigenous communities, and are strongholds for endangered species, but they are disappearing fast.

Untamed Planet provides players with engaging, educational conservation experiences and, in partnering with WildArk, bridges the gap between the digital and real-world by providing opportunities for players to support conservation initiatives on the ground.

By spending micropayments in the game, players help fund the real-life animals they play and the ecosystems they engage with.

Untamed Planet’s first campaign allowed players to unlock and care for a black rhino calf in-game, raising US$10,000 to sponsor a 2.2-year-old wild Black rhino calf on Borana Conservancy in Kenya. Players voted to name her ‘Hope’ and will receive quarterly updates on her progress.

Borana Conservancy is a world leader in successful, sustainable conservation practices and is one of only three ‘Key 1’ populations of Black rhino in East Africa (over 100 individuals and growing). Borana’s focus on community-led conservation has ensured zero poaching incidents in the last six years.

Funds raised to sponsor ‘Hope’ will go towards the purchase of a 4WD school bus for Borana that will transport children from adjacent schools onto Borana to be immersed in the arena of wildlife conservation.

Trips to Borana will provide valuable insight into the importance of conservation and an understanding of the value of natural capital and natural resources. The trips will also allow students an inspiring insight into potential career paths within conservation, security, and tourism.

WildArk is thrilled to partner with Untamed Planet to create new opportunities for future generations to support conservation efforts worldwide.