Koala Comeback Campaign Supports Ecological Surveys to Protect Unburnt Habitat in Manyana

WildArk, together with our partners Aussie Ark and Global Wildlife Conservation, launched the Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund, as part of the #KoalaComeback Campaign, to support conservation management of threatened species most affected by the bushfires.
The initiative aimed to provide funding for organisations carrying out research projects that quantify the bushfires’ impact on Australia’s threatened species and identify urgent needs that exist for wildlife living in fire-affected areas.

Our panel selected ten exceptional projects and awarded grants of up to $16000 for their outcomes-based research that had measurable outcomes in the next 12 months. Much of this research included species population surveys, protecting unburnt habitat, or implementing other critical interventions identified by species experts.

We are proud to announce that Manyana Matters Environmental Association received the first grant. This funding has supported a series of ecological surveys that will help them demonstrate to the government that the unburnt forest remaining in Manyana, currently under threat from a housing development, supports listed endangered species and requires permanent protection.
Thanks to generous donations, the #KoalaComeback campaign, in partnership with David Yarrow Photography and Global Wildlife Conservation, has supported Manyana Matters Environmental Association and many other organisations working on the frontlines bushfire recovery and habitat protection in the wake of the 2091-2020 bushfires.
Read more about the Australian Endangered Species Recovery Fund HERE.